Jennifer Hamady

An accomplished and renowned vocalist woke up one morning at the peak of her powers and realized that she was ready for a change. After a very successful career as a professional singer, performing all over the world, there was something else that called to her.

“I was on one of my last tours, and I woke up in my suite, looked around the beautiful room, and said to myself, ‘Yeah, you know what? I think I’m good,” Jennifer Hamady said with a smile as we discussed her musical odyssey.

Today, Jennifer is a voice coach and therapist specializing in technical and emotional issues that interfere with self-expression.

She has also authored three books: Learning to Sing, The Art of Singing: Discovering and Developing Your True Voice, and her latest – The Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio.

“People used to ask me all the time how I made singing look effortless, or how I was able to consistently hit particular notes. I got all types of questions about vocalizing.  They were very complementary really. But, over time I began to hear the same questions so often that I realized that I should write these answers down all in one place. So, I started writing books,” Jennifer said.

Her books have been heralded by BackStage and Variety as “a breakthrough in the psychology of personal and musical performance.”

Based in Washington DC, Jennifer works in private practice with musicians, public speakers, and others to discover, develop, and confidently release their personal, professional, and creative potential.

Her clients include Grammy, American Music, and Country Music award-winners, performers in Emmy- and Tony-winning productions, and corporate clients across an array of industries.

Jennifer also conducts quarterly Master Classes for singers and speakers at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda. Currently, the cost is a modest $20 at the door. It is a project that is very close to her heart.

“I wanted to create something where we could really create community and have an affordable way for people to come and either sing or speak and get coached by me directly or just observe,” she added. “I just love getting to meet new people and work with new vocalists.”

Jennifer has toured and performed with artists and companies including Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Patti LaBelle, Wyclef Jean, Def Leppard, Lee Ann Womack, and Cirque du Soleil. While she cherishes the memories of that very exciting part of her life, the fulfillment she finds working with her clients and students is what currently satiates her musical muse.

“I want to help people who want to learn how to use their voices, and how to feel great using them,” she said.

From the results she is getting from her students (please take a look at the impressive testimonials and success stories on her website), I would say that she is hitting all the right notes.

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