Maximillian Bachmann

I first met Max Bachmann a couple of years ago at a wine tasting in Vienna, VA. He was holding court in front of a gaggle of mesmerized onlookers, enthusiastically explaining the vinification process of his family’s new product, Sonor Wine.

After an hour of tasting and several tales of grape juice appreciation, we became fast friends.

Max is quite the businessman. Not only is he the sole distributor of Sonor wine in the DMV, but he also owns the Bethesda Salt Cave on Montgomery Lane in the heart of downtown Bethesda.

“I think I always had a passion to be an entrepreneur,” Max said, as we relaxed within the walls of a cavernous room covered top to bottom with tons of pink Himalayan Salt.

Proponents of salt therapy affirm its ability to help in the treatment of health problems including breathing difficulties, allergies, heart and metabolic disturbances, skin rashes, and even depression.

Max opened the Bethesda Salt Cave in 2013 with his mother, Janine Narayadu, a licensed massage therapist who practices Metta Philosophy. She is also an expert on the benefits of Himalayan Salt on the body.

Although the Salt Cave is successful, Max’s business interests did not end there.

“My father, who lives in Austria, approached me with an invention that he created that changes and accents the taste of wine by introducing sound waves of music during the fermentation process,” he explained.

According to Max, by coursing sound waves created by music though the grape juice during the six to nine-week fermentation process, yeast is kept alive and active 40% longer than normal, thus creating a wine with less yeast, minimal sulfates, and a lower level of residual sugar.

In 2017, Max took his father’s process, which was thriving in the European market, and introduced it to the American market. He decided to focus his efforts on the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Since that time, Sonor Wines has widened its distribution to over 50 local outlets, including Cork 47 and Capital Beer & Wine in Bethesda, and Beer Wine & Company in Chevy Chase. You can even purchase a bottle of their Chardonnay with your dinner at Bethesda’s Passion Fish restaurant.

“We are always doing tastings in the area. I would like to invite anyone who loves wine or is interested in our process to check our website for our free tasting schedule,” Max said with a smile. “I always enjoy sharing our wines.”

I can certainly bear witness to that.

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The Real Estate, Wine & More podcast w/Howard Fletcher featuring guest Max Bachmann (The Bethesda Salt Cave):

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